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 About Ms. Wolter

          Born and raised in Minnesota, Nancee retired to Tucson Arizona with her family in 2001.  Working for one of Minnesota's top 10 Credit Union, Nancee learned many of the practical experiences that lends to her successful design services today. From Branch Manger and Marketing Manager to Director of Facilities, Nancee has held a wide range of positions that has given her the resources to help anyone make their organization grow.  "Over the years, I have helped many friends with their business needs including web design, marketing plans, brochures, ad books, space planning, fundraising and consulting on a gambit of management issues".

     With a background in Marketing and Small Business Management, Ms. Wolter began offering Freelance Marketing Consulting and Website Design in 2002 and continues helping clients of all sizes with a variety of marketing, web design, social network marketing and advertising needs.  In Fall of 2009, Nancee spent an 8 month period perfecting her skills and learning new techniques while working for Tucson area Business Technology Firm.

      "This opportunity gave me so much value.  I learned so much about myself and was able to really re-connect with the needs of local business owners. I gained some new friends, countless resources of web design and programming professionals as well as insight in to the technology field that makes me stronger and a bigger asset to any company who employs my services in the future.  It's during this 8 months that I truly identified that what business owners need is not a price inflated company but a reliable, honest professional to provide offer consulting expertise."   Nancee Wolter works within YOUR budget - not the other way around.  She knows the value of solid expertise and the cost of doing business the right way.
          Helping people satisfy their ever-changing needs, Ms. Wolter can offer you or your organization an opportunity to make a mark in your industry, have a solid presence on the Internet, in print or through facility layout, and marketing plans as well as team building, training & policy manuals and parent/employee/booster clubs.  Coupled with a "can do" attitude and a value-added resource of some of the best marketing, Internet, communications, business coaching
          She truly loves what she does.  What really kicked started her freelance Marketing & Web Design services was her daughter's gymnastics 'career'.  "It's often hard for people to think of a child having a "career" but I have watched my daughter persevere injury, work hard and achieve skill development, make best use of time management skills, run her life much like a business, and pursue a love for a sport unmatched to any career I have ever had.  I have always enjoyed my jobs and working.  I have learned so much over the years, but now I can truly say I love what I am doing."
          Nancee can offer you her expertise and spirit like no other can.  "I truly feel I have a vested interest in the people I have helped.  I want them to be successful and recognized for all they do.  If through my efforts, I can help make them the best they can be, then I feel I can say I have completed a job well done."
          Looking for opportunities, seeing the big picture, using resources to get the job done... Nancee has an eye for seeing areas of need and offering solutions to making your best even better.  "I have always believed to be on top you must act like you are on top - always striving to be better, first... not following in the footsteps of someone else but being the first one to make an impression in the sand... or in my case - the snow."

What is it about snow?

   Throughout my site you will find some of my favorite images of snow.  It's fresh and vibrant, full of life even if it does bite you with it's chill. 
   What is it about snow... it's about the snowflakes.  Millions of them and yet, no two are alike. As such, that's how I see each client, project or adventure I embark on - unique, deserving of individualized service.
   I miss the snow.  I love the snow.  I didn't say I missed the 2 hour commutes or getting up at 5:00 a.m. to shovel the drive-way.  And I don't miss the cold... but, I do like the snow...  Enjoy the pictures.
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