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 Domain Registration
          You need your name out there... but what domain name is right for you?  You not only want to stand out in your industry but you also need a domain name that people will easily recognize and associate your program online. 

          It may not be as easy as your company name.  What if someone else owns it? Are you willing to pay for it?  People buy names for no other reason than to make money.  If you want a domain name and someone else has it, they may want you to pay for it handsomely.

          Take  The first time we looked in to that name, the guy wanted almost $ 10,000 for it.  Yes it is true.  So we went with for a few months because we knew the other was going to expire soon.  We kept watching - GoldMedalGym expired - the guy didn't renew it - Amanda Borden got it!
          I can do that for you too.  We watch the names and utilize services that watchdog names for us so you get the right name for your company.
          So you have a name in mind and your name is available?  Many companies are charging excessive money to register a domain name too.  I recently saw a company that actually marketed their domain registration at $ 70.00!  And there are many sites out there that offer discounted registration - but who is reputable, which one do you choose?
          No worries when you allow us to help you with that.  With a low registration fee of $ 10.95 per year, we will not only monitor your account, renew it for you, notify you of any updates or changes, but we also safeguard it so no one else can steal it.  I don't plan on becoming an entrepreneur of domain registration - I just see it as an opportunity to pass on my resources, knowledge and savings to you.
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