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          If you need a hosting company, I know there are tons of choices out there.  And many companies will offer many promises and incentives to get your business.  It can be often confusing, but it doesn't have to be that way.

          Because I have my own internal hosting options accessible to me... then I am able to pass on savings to my clients.  Whether your site is a few simple pages or large and elaborate in size, we will host your site at a fraction of what many other marketing firms offer.  And without limitations.
          Whether you are looking for a hosting company to dock your existing site, or you want a package deal for creating, maintaining and hosting your site - we can help remove any burden in researching a hosting company.
          What we don't offer is 24 / 7 / 365 service.  But really - who needs service at 2:00 a.m. over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Yes, I know up-time is important, but in my years of offering hosting services, I have never experienced an outage unless we have intentionally brought a site down for maintenance.  And in that, it's tends to be minutes not hours or days like some companies experience.  And in most cases, we notify you in advance and always do service overnight when the impact on your site is the least.  As a company - it is likely you will never need it, so why pay for it.
          Some companies offer template services ranging from $ 49.99 and up - dangling free hosting as their big selling point.  This is a far cry from the real costs of website hosting and web design.  As a Hosting vendor, we are able to offer UNLIMITED hosting for only $ 14.99 per month.  Alone, that is a great deal.  But if you utilize my services to design and maintain your website, the cost can be considerably reduced.
          And because so many companies web design costs are associated with a budget, we also offer a yearly rate of only $ 200.00... that's less than the cost of 11 months of hosting - just by paying for the year in advance.
          How many pages does that include?  How many megabytes?  How many email addresses?  Whatever your company needs... whatever your needs require.  Because our services are UNLIMITED, we charge by the account - not by volume or usage.
          As well, because we are ultimately in control of the hosting, we also offer reselling packages for customers with more than one online business and/or website.  By combining them in to a reseller account, you can have unlimited websites too... for only $ 24.99 per month!
          Whether individual or reseller, it's a far cry from what other companies are charging. 
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