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     Getting an website online is just that... just another website online.  Just because people can now access it through your domain name, doesn't mean they will find you if they go out searching.
     Overtime, if you choose a domain name that matches your business, people will find you by searching for your business name.  But what if people don't know the name of your business, or the city you do business in, and they are looking for the type of business you do.
     Through website design, your site can be searchable... or it can very easily be lost in the world wide web.
     Part of my design is ensuring text is searchable, offering you tools that bring "hits" to your site, and submitting your site to search engines to "crawl".  Once a search engine "crawls" your site, your site is in their database of positive sites for the services you offer.
     But just like everywhere else, there is also advertising opportunities to guarantee your placement at or near the top of a search engine.  Many companies pay for those prime spots.  And despite your desire to want to be on top, you have to get there one step at a time.  Through time, through website design, through search engine optimization, for pay-for-click advertising.  Putting your site online does not guarantee people will be knocking your door down.  With my help, we can help drive business to your site.
     Another part of web design that often goes unnoticed by some companies is the CONSTANT maintenance of links.  If your website links to other companies than your own, one day one of those links won't work.  Whether the link is disabled, they company gets a new site, or the page disappears... part of my services ensures your links stay current and updated.  Broken links should not be a worry.  Once on your site, I can ensure your customers will be able to use it to it's fullest capacity.
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