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     Is your business running you or are you running your business?  Does it feel like projects manage your time versus you managing the project?  Is your staff happy and working FOR you or are they employed to do a job.  You should not feel like you are heading down the road alone.

     For years, I have helped manage projects and provide space planning services to clients and business owners.  With resources in various industries, I can help ensure your customers can flow through your store well, that clients feel welcomed, staff is comfortable and that the work is getting done.
     Project Management and Space Planning may not seem like an important part of your business. With a knowledge of ergonomics, I can help design work stations that will help protect your biggest asset - your staff.  With a background in marketing, I can ensure the floor plan provides ambience and atmosphere to your store or restaurant so customers enjoy their experience to it's fullest.  With positive reinforcement and feedback, I can offer solutions that will not only get your staff eager to come to work but excited about helping your customers and thus helping your business grow.
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